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He has served churches from Burlington to Knightdale and was the founding pastor of Genesis UMC in Cary. You may have already discovered that we are the "red-steepled" church in the center of our community.I took the kind hint and stopped chatting with him as often, but it also made me think about how we talk about the practice of Sabbath.When I attend clergy gatherings, conferences, or annual conferences, they often talk about ways to deepen our spiritual practices.I just believe we need to reframe the conversation so that our conversations about Sabbath and self-care reflect the spiritual diversity of our clergy siblings.Early in my ministry at my first church, my senior pastor suggested that my Sabbath day should be spent in silence and reflection because I spend the rest of my week being a talkative extrovert.

Since 2003 the US Supreme Court has said that States can’t make consensual private homosexual activities between two adults a crime."The mission of Coats United Methodist Church is to share the love of Christ by reaching out into the neighborhood and making disciples by providing opportunities for spiritual growth through teaching worship and fellowship."Rev.Wilkerson has served as a United Methodist pastor since 1984 and pastor of Coats UMC since July 2011.They got married several years prior in Las Vegas, though the gay union was not recognized by the state and thus not legally binding.I’m sure it’s not what our church leadership intends, but I have developed a reflexive twitch of annoyance whenever I hear the words “Sabbath rest” or “self-care.” I’m not a martyr pastor who thinks the church can’t exist without me – my ego isn’t healthy enough for that.

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