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Die kleine Giulia (5) ist ihr ganzer gemeinsamer Stolz.

Gemeinsame Auftritte sind zwar rar geworden, aber auf seinen Nachnamen legt Carla Bruni-Sarkozy offenbar noch absoluten Wert!

As a newly-wed, she describes being shocked when frequently propositioned for a spot of cinq à sept by her now ex-husband’s friends.

I felt sure she would enjoy chewing over the juicy details of the alleged Sarkozy indiscretions, not least the newspaper report that, a few weeks ago, Carla nipped off to Thailand with the singer and Sarko sent a private plane to bring her back. “It’s a telling sign that I’ve gone native,” she said apologetically, “but these rumours were circulating in Paris two months ago. ’ people were saying, but I didn’t want to gossip about it because I believe, like the French, that people’s love lives – their jardins secrets – aren’t news.” Even the French newspapers, long controlled by strict privacy laws, almost seem to believe that.

Singer-songwriter, model, actress Straight Multi-talented personality – She is a successful model and singer.Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi Carla Capricorn Turin, Italy Carla went to Château Mont-Choisi (boarding school) in Lausanne, Switzerland.She then started studying art and architecture at Paris.Schließlich war ihre Liebesgeschichte damals wirklich unglaublich.Sie lernten sich 2007 bei einem Abendessen kennen, der französische Journalist Jacques Séguela (81) spielte den Postillion D'Amour.

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