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They might be considering getting more serious, or they might be already married with kids in the mix.It's always tricky to offer relationship advice on a problem that has been building and building.Instead, what we are talking about is a willingness not just to agree to disagree, but also to agree that the other person isn't evil or stupid for the position they have adopted but you have rejected.Your partner might be mistaken and they might not be rational about it, but they should not be treated as if that mistake is for anything other than honest and fair reasons.As an intellectual movement, Christianity has a head start on atheism.So it's only natural that believers would find some of the current arguments against God less than satisfying.

Especially if you grew up in the church, you’ve probably heard people say that Christians should not marry non-Christians.This isn't an easy issue to address because so much depends upon the particular situation which people find themselves in and the nature of the people involved.Thus, the most direct answer must be: "it depends." A mixed marriage between a theist and an atheist can work, but their success depends a great deal upon their ability to overcome certain barriers which may, but need not, arise.« Advice for Atheists | Importance of Respect & Tolerance » One barrier which may prevent a marriage between an atheist and a theist from working are the issues of respect and tolerance.This may sound strange, but dwelling on the past is not healthy, even if the past is positive.You need to be addressing the issues as they are now. Is the religion issue making one of you hostile or walled off?

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