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The It's one thing to step into a racy, red Ford Mustang with a cute gal sitting in the driver's seat.

It's something, else, entirely, when unbeknownst the to her clueless male passengers -- she's actually a stunt driver whose social media mission is to take them on the hair-raising, rides of their lives.

Never mind that it's all being secretly filmed by Ford specifically to go viral.

The Ford Valentine's Weekend mission: get lots of eyeballs on its Mustang video prank. Between Monday and Friday, Ford got upwards of 5 million views for its Mustang GT "Speed Dating" video posted on the Ford Today You Tube channel. Ford worked with a talent agency that pretended to be seeking young actors to audition for a new TV show pilot about dating.

A scratched, dented or faded hood will detract from the sleek, sporty appearance of your Mustang and decrease its value.

Expect extremely rich film lovers and motorheads to be lining up their millions.The Two Star Euro NCAP rating is one of the consequences.’ Ford, however, highlighted that the Mustang delivered a four star rating for front occupants, a three-star rating for child occupants and a five star rating for pedestrian safety.It said that the two star overall rating was determined by its two star result in Active Safety Assist, which the Mustang doesn't current have, as NCAP awards the lowest score in any area as the final result.In contrast, in the same batch of crash-tests, Volvo’s S90 and V90 cars were awarded the top Euro NCAP 5 Star rating, following in footsteps of their big brother the XC90.Even Ford’s tiny Fiesta – the UK’s best-selling car in 2016 - achieves the maximum five-star rating.

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