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"We found out he was hitting fans up for money," says the vocalist, worried about the group's more ardent and well-heeled followers being bilked out of their savings."It's like, man, what if he hits somebody up for five grand, and then they go, ' Why didn't you guys tell us anything?From the looks on the men's faces, the termination of their longtime creative partner and friend was not a decision arrived at lightly or quickly.In fact, Deakin says the issues with Reynolds and his substance-abuse problem date back to just prior to the .They were tourists passing through town and regulars greeting old friends.Then, suddenly, gunfire ripped through the gay nightclub and turned them into something else — victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Alejandro Barrios Martinez left Cuba for a new life in Florida just last year only to be slain in an Orlando nightclub.For their first recording sessions, the orchestra included some musicians from Cortijo's original lineup, including saxophonist Hector Santos, trumpet player Rogelio "Kito" Velez, and percussionists Martín Quiñones, Miguel Cruz and Roberto Roena.Alvarez Guedes wanted to name the group Rafael Ithier Y Su Combo In relations to Cortijo, but Ithier refused the name and the name El Gran Combo was born, as to refer to the musicians' former affiliation, but addressing their regrouping as a "new and improved" version of Cortijo's orchestra.

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Candelario-Padro, Paul Terrell Henry, Jason Benjamin Josaphat, Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez | Seventh Row: Akyra Murray, Geraldo A.

As of 2010, Willie Sotelo, who joined the group in 2006 as pianist, has become the band's de facto musical director on tours, with Ithier conducting the group and playing occasionally in select live performances.

They are still actively performing after 50 years together.

Jemima also shared this lovely photo of her with her newlywed sister: alum has ditched his adorkable brown 'do for a more punk rock look as he flaunted his blond hair during a gig at the Brickell City Centre in Miami, FL earlier this week. • Kara Dio Guardi • Lea Michele • For Reals Estate • Jason Segel • Chord Overstreet • Melissa Mc Carthy • Dianna Agron • Brian Atwood • Ali Larter • Connie Britton • Nostalgia • Judd Apatow • James Corden Celebs are known to have lavish mansions and fancy homes all to themselves.

Badgley, along with his band MOTHXR, performed the songs Filed under: Avril Lavigne • Lindsay Lohan • Justin Timberlake • Paula Abdul • Adam Sandler • Milo Ventimiglia • Ryan Cabrera • Justin Long • Jude Law • Ryan Gosling • Chace Crawford • Raven Symone • Michelle Williams • Ewan Mc Gregor • Penn Badgley • Ed Westwick • Jonah Hill • Dominic Cooper • Photos!

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