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A Snapchat story she reposted on Facebook also shows them enjoying another one of Kelly’s shows in Charlotte, North Carolina in June. If true, the news comes as no surprise considering R. Halle, who is said to be “Blasian” (Black/Asian), has also posted photos of her and R. Dallas reports that the two were spotted in VIP together after Kelly’s show in Atlanta, and that he is already “head over heels” in love her, enough that he’s even thinking about marriage.

Considering the rapper was once accused of having inappropriate relations with a 15-year-old and other minors, the large age-gap has piqued the interest of the media and fans. The hottie regularly posts pics of her man aka "Kells" to social media. Yep, it's clear SOMETHING is going on between these two! What's peculiar about this scenario is that Halle's momma reportedly attended the show with her daughter.Let's hope the southerner continues her schooling once she's done with the rapper's tour!So, what do YOU think of this alleged relationship?Kelly's new rumored love with many saying that they are less than shocked. Others are pointing out the obvious, like the fact that R.

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