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Ben: The record took, probably, the same amount of time as it would for a regular record but, with her schedule, we were doing 8pm-4am or 12am-7am. Ben: We're all in a band together, and have been playing together since we were twelve, we're part of a band called 'Famous'. ATP: At the end of 2009, you put the song 'Make Me Wanna Die' online. Taylor: It was the first song we wrote for the record, it was the start of the record, and so it seemed like a great first single as it sets the vibe for the record. ATP: You just played this year's Bamboozle Festival. Taylor: We had technical problems, and I almost threw up during one of the songs because I got heat stroke on stage.ATP: What made you want to sign with Interscope records? Ben: I think the guys involved definitely created a buzz, so it became the swan song for the rest of the record, and everyone liked it. I seem to have bad luck with health and technicalities, but besides that, it was great!We just wanted to make an epic song with lots of parts and movements and things. I thought it was a cool track, but never thought they would want to use it as a single. ATP: How did it end up on the soundtrack to 'Kick Ass'? We met a bunch of fans at the merch booth, and the crowd was a lot of fun.He produced the record and my musicians play on the record; it became the band. I met with Kato, we were working together; then met Ben, ended up writing the whole record together, and here we are now.Taylor has been writing and playing since she was a kid, and was getting to the point where she wanted to release a record; luckily we caught her on her "upswing" of artistic movements. ATP: Everyone knows you in the public eye from your role in TV's ‘Gossip Girl.’ What are people's reactions, when seeing you in The Pretty Reckless?

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