Updating avast manually

Updates to the program version provide bug fixes and general program improvements.By default, Avast Antivirus is set to update the section is for users who connect to the internet through a proxy server.Installing Avast 2014Updating Your Software Community Q&A In addition to being a good anti-virus software, Avast also has additional features and utilities to help maintain and organize your computer.One of these features is the Avast Software Updater.Updating Virus definitions and/or Program version Any antivirus program is only as good as its database of known virus definitions.This is what the program uses to identify threats to your computer, which is why it is important to ensure the virus definitions are regularly updated.The updates are set for automatic but when I try to update manually, nothing happens.

If you are connected to the Internet, virus database updates are downloaded and installed automatically without any user action.You can perform the update process using one of these two options: After you restart the computer, following post-update screen will appear.It usually contains some additional offers for Avast products like free 20-day trial of Avast Internet Security and more information about the applied program update.Luckily, you can do the program update completely for free.With some other vendors, you would need to actually pay for the update, but not with Avast.

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