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“The bottom line was, I looked just like [Gordy], and my sisters looked just like their father, a 6-foot-tall Jewish American man,” she says.

Even so, she’s still close to the man who raised her as his daughter, “though he knew I wasn’t his when my mother was pregnant.” Now living in Harlem, she was born in LA but grew up mostly in New York.

The oldest of the diva’s five children, Rhonda was nearly 13 when she was told the man she knew as Dad — her mother’s husband and manager, Robert Ellis Silberstein — wasn’t.

Discovering who she really was came as a relief, she says.

- The Story Of The Supremes From The Mary Wilson Collection - displaying the sparkling gowns once worn by Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, and Florence Ballard during their glory years when they recorded hits such as Stop! To the many thousands of Supremes fans, the exhibition represents yet another sparkling tribute to the legendary girl group.

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And although he was last linked to longtime love Cora Skinner, Ross seems to be smitten with single mom Simpson, who has a 4-year-old son with ex-husband Pete Wentz."I believe she was killed because someone wanted to silence her." Yet a close examination of the tragic story of Florence Ballard, her climb to stardom and how she was drummed out of the group and then died penniless, points to Flo's profligate husband, Tommy Chapman, known to have abused her, and who was found dead in 1985.Gordy, now 78 a former professional boxer turned record producer, launched Tamla Motown records with just 0 in 1959. The duo hung out at the Sunset Marquis Hotel and was seen leaving hand-in-hand before stopping at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel and staying at the nightclub until about am. The 24-year-old son of Motown music legend Diana Ross was spotted out and about with the 28-year-old pop star in Hollywood on Monday night.

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